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Microfiber-product.com is affiliated to Benern Optics Company Limited, located in one of  the biggest optical lens manufacture bases of the world, DanYang , Jiangsu Province, China. With over 10 years in business, our company has been offering a diverse, high-quality range of optical accessories, such as microfiber eyeglass cloths, microfiber sunglasses bags, liquid spray cleaner, glasses cases…

Microfiber products have been quite popular for some time now. Over the years, customers have ordered products not only for cleaning purposes but also for promotional reasons as well. They print their business information on these products and advertise them at key events such as conferences, new launches, trade shows, etc. to market their brands.

With our solid background and experience in microfiber materials and its production, we decided to branch out and introduce a new product line related to microfiber.